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Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
celebrated hollywood career, and who used her celebrity to raise millions to help in the fight against aids, and the fear and silence that shrouded public understanding of the disease. the life of elizabeth taylor, tonight on a "second look." >>> good evening. and this is a "second look." she once said she couldn't remember a time when she was not famous. this week, a woman who was once known worldwide simply as "liz" died. elizabeth taylor's first movie was released when she was just 10 years. her movies made her a star, but the life she lived in the public eye contributed to her legend. married eight times, twice after richard burton. she traveled the world with her children following her daily life. she had three oscars and many of her hollywood costars described her as a life-long friend. when one of those friends rock hudson came down with a then barely-understood illness, she raised money against aids and sometimes, that brought her here to san francisco. >> i am here once more to ask for your help, your compassion, and your love. i am here for those who cannot be here to ask for
Mar 13, 2011 11:00pm PDT
, authorities immediately began to look for the connection. >> reporter: they swarmed the property and using ground- penetrating radar to search for disturbed soil and use other specialized equipment to find anything that may link the couple to the two girls who went missing within months of each other in 1988 and 199. >> my first thought when i heard jaycee was found, let michaelia be with her. >> the 9-year-old was kidnapped in 198 and today her mother says there are several similarities between her daughter's abduction and jaycee duggard. >> the car and on the witness said it looked to her that the car she saw michaelia kidnapped in. and they were both dragged into a car in broad daylight in front of witnesses. >> reporter: witnesses helped police come up with a sketch of the kidnapper and that witness says garrido resembles the man. >> she says he looks as much like the kidnapper as anybody else she has seen. >> our aim is to methodically and systematical and thoroughly search the properties knowing what we're looking for in our cases. >> reporter: dublin police are also involved in the
Mar 20, 2011 11:00pm PDT
nine. we have two reports beginning with our science editor john fowler who brought us this report in february 28, 2001. the same day a magnitude 6.8 quake hit near washington. >>> the sea floor is waving toward the continent. that's what triggered today's earthquake. the entire cascade mountain range and the mount st. helen's eruption are from rising rock. the so called cascadous eruption zone threatenings california's coast. geological evidence near southern oregon shows that huge earthquakes magnitude nine or even greater have happened regularly every 300 years or so along the coast. one is due now. the 7.3 quake that hit petrolia may have been a precursor to the mega quake that would be the biggest in recorded history. >> one could come soon, one could come 200 years from now. but we're certainly not at the beginning of the cycle. we're some where being the latter part of it. >> if it should rupture and send out a tsunami, we would have probably 10 or 12 minutes notice on that one. so we have some of these very close to home and we like to study the ones that are farther away f
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3